We believe in giving you quality and fresh things… We aim to make our beloved people healthier and happier and free from any disease. Halal Organic meat is here in your services. Our primary objective is to provide premium quality of meat products which is handled in healthy and fresh environment.

Halal organic meat is the only one in Karachi who is providing almost all types of meat including Ostrich meat, Duck meat, Quail meat, rabbit meat, turkey meat, Camel meat, Desi misri meat, Desi Aseel meat, Desi Chicken, Mutton, and Veal/Beef meat. We provide our customers with wide variety of meat cuts to choose from.

All the variety of meat is available in our shop as well as we are providing online services which are quite easy for you all to order your meat items and ensure our customers to provide them same fresh meat as you directly purchase from the shop.

Fresh and Halal Organic Meat is available for you 24/7. We enable people to enjoy eco-friendly and healthy meat that is reasonably priced and convenient to deliver.

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