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  • Asil or Aseel Chicken is an ancient breed which is arrived from India.
  • Used for cockfighting.
  • Tamed all over the world especially in India and Pakistan.
  • Used for making different types of meat and produces less amount of eggs.
  • Has the ability to survive in the cold temperature and can fight against any disease.
  • Powerful breed of chicken.
  • The breed has superiority over other breeds of chicken, because of its hardness and large fighting body.
  • The delicious and intense taste of meat, rich in nutrients and has low fat.
    <!–Pakistan has mostly known 4 local breeds of chicken which includes Aseel, Misri, Golden and Desi chickens.The name Aseel or Asil or Asli are all the same chicken.

    The Asian name is Asil (Asli) which itself means


    Different parts of the world called by different names.

    • The origin of Aseel is from the Sindh province of Pakistan.
    • Aseel Chicken is also used in soups.
    • Aseel in Arabic translates to pure.
    • It also contains move muscle and fat.
    • Healthier free-range eggs contain 1/3rd less cholesterol.
    • 1/4 less saturated fat.
    • 2/3rd more vitamins.
    • Muscles get Strong.
    • Healthier bones.


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