Veal Camel Meat

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  • Camel meat has a high proportion of Poly-unsaturated fatty acids
  • Provide great health benefits.
  • Different from other red meats.
  • Contains high protein content, iron, zinc, vitamin A and B, and amino acid which is very good to repair body tissues and build new tissues.
  • Camel meat is receiving worldwide interest because of its unique taste and healthy features.
  • Has other medical advantages in our body as it protects your body from various dangerous diseases.
  • Very beneficial for our healthy body.
Weight 2 kg
Meat Type

Prime Boneless (Cube zero fat), Prime Boneless, Boneless (Mix Boti), With Bone (Mix Boti), Mince (Keema), Pasanday, Nehari Cut Boneless, Nehar Cut With Bone (Nalli), Undercut, Kohan Fat, Bone

2 reviews for Veal Camel Meat

  1. NOMAN

    Very good service in Karachi.
    Best price, fresh product

  2. NOMAN

    Best service in Karachi.
    Affordable price, fresh meat

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